What we Komatsu Industries keep as important is “quality and reliability,” and above all the “view point of customers.” For this purpose, we always pursue utmost satisfaction of customers by continuing reformation and improvement regarding all sections of our development, manufacture, service and administration as production sites for customers priority.

We periodically implement “customers satisfaction assessment, “considering it is the most important sincerely to deal with customers voices and always to verify them.

The results are to be utilized for improving products and quality assurance programs, and also for offering customers new values by developing unrivaled new products and creating unique services.
We shall try to enhance customers’ satisfaction by continuing this cycle relentlessly.

We shall strongly support customers during all life cycles of the machines.

The life cycles of the machines are usually very long. We Komatsu Industries think that machine installation is just the beginning of our true relationship with customers.
The “KOMTRAX,” an IoT technology that Komatsu’s is proud of, are installed as standard, which will contribute to realize ideal “non-stopping” machine shops.
We shall try to be the reliable partner with considering from the “view point of customers.”
And in order to respond to clients’ globalization, our sales and service representatives are located in North America, Europe, China, Thailand, Indonesia and India.

Innovation at GEMBA (work site) !

One of the Komatsu slogans is “Together We Innovate GEMBA Worldwide.”
This implies to develop their core businesses, construction/mine machineries and industrial machineries, involving global Komatsu people, agents and affiliates, by offering innovative technologies that will create new values to innovating customers’ job sites together with the customers.
Komatsu Industries also shall ever cope with improvements to enhance quality, reliability and competitiveness, with having strong will and toiling steady efforts.
We shall try to develop more satisfying products by sincerely responding to the voices of customers job sites and frank opinions.
Taking the opportunity of renewing our web site, we look forward to deepening communication with the clients for proceeding strongly together.

Yasushi Kitade