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Online Demo

Now available for Thailand and all of ASEAN!
We introduce Komatsu’s latest machines in real time with actual operation.

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Available models:

・Servo Press:  H1F-2(110 ton, 150 ton, 200 ton)
・Press Brake:  PVS8525
・Twister Cutting Machine:  TFP3051

Recommend for the customers who would like:

・To know about Komatsu’s products for considering the introduction of new machines.

・Testing on a real Komatsu’s machines with using actual die and materials.

・To know better settings and usage of Komatsu’s products that currently in use.

Online demo flow:

1. Please fill out and submit the application form.

2. Our staff will contact you with more details.

3. On the day of online demo, please join the meeting via the meeting URL that will be sent in advance.



Tel: 02-663-2727, 02-663-2740(Sales)