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E2W series

E2W110 / E2W160 / E2W200 / E2W250 / E2W300


The standard model of straight side press


multi purpose

E2W multi porpose

Covering a wide range of press forming

The E2W offers not only the conventional C-type two-point range but also applies to a wide range including heavy-load, high-precision presswork equivalent to straight side press.

It can be used for progressive forming of various type of automotive and electrical machinery parts.

high rigidity

High rigidity unitized structure

The four-column “solid frame” of symmetrical design prevent deformation of frame, and realized high forming accuracy.

Equipping a plunger guide mechanism and a 6-point-gib structure, thrust load is not transmitted to the slide and die.

These function maintains accuracy over the long term and extend die life and reduce die maintenance cost too.

E2W high rigidity


E2W compact space

Compact frame structure that saves the floor space

The Installation space of E2W is smaller than that of conventional C-frame presses.

It makes die changing easier and be excellent in workability.

E2W features



From Iyonaga Press Industry Corp.

From Nisshin Enamel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

From Iyonaga Press Industry Corp.

We introduced E2W300 for forming automotive parts five years ago. Now we are operating it at full by using for many other parts. We feel they are responsive in maintenance services.

From Nisshin Enamel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Frame deformation problem is inevitable in dual forming with a C-shape progressive press. For progressive forming, the double column type having no frame deformation is the best. E2W is good not only in having no deformation problem but also its easiness in handling and maintenance.

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