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The first in the world: Servo press for cold forging

All the factors that expand possibility of cold forging are in this one :

• Solid loop frame of high rigidity and reliability
• Plunger guide for high precision
• MAY PRESS motion for excellent formability
• Free motion that expand possibility of cold forging

The first in the world: Servo press for cold forging

Free motion expands possibility of cold forging.

Effects of free motion:

1) Seizure-proof and productivity are increased.
2) Application range can be expanded to complex forming. (enclosed die forging, multidirectional forging, back pressure forging etc.)

Komatsu’s original MAY PRESS link motion makes touching speed to forming area remarkably slow to create a smooth plastic flow and realizes stable high precision forming. In addition, such motions as making speed slower only at certain positions to enhance formability and as making the slide reciprocating to improve fluidity and stretchability are made possible by free motion setting.

We propose to replace hydraulic press with forging servo.

For backward extrusion of deep cups and for forming internal/external splines, slow speed forming as with a hydraulic press is more suitable since high dimensional accuracy and seizure-proof are required.
But hydraulic presses are low in productivity and troublesome in maintenance to raise costs.
With H1C, you can control forming speed freely and, with the high torque and high accuracy of the servo motor, you can expect faster forming speed, higher product accuracy and lower manufacturing costs.

Servo BKO (bed knock-out)

With the servo BKO that enables flexible back pressure control, flow of material can be controlled to widen forming ranges.
This is realized with the AC servo of the die cushion.

Higher productivity :

•  Shorter cycle time with highly responsive system
• Shorter preparation time

Higher formability :

• Forming highly difficult-to-form products with the most suitable control of thrust force to the plate
• Reducing stage number

Low noise :

• Lower touch noise with impact pressure control like preliminary acceleration and shock-less stop

Energy saving :

• Power regeneration
• Easier maintenance

From Kyoto Tool Co., Ltd.

Function of the servo press is important for cold sinter forging of 35 degree helical gears. We had to increase density efficiently by minutely adjusting slide motions to minimize lowering of productivity, which was impossible with a mechanical press.

Machining example

From Kyoto Tool Co., Ltd.

Example of backward extrusion product

Example of ironing product