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H1F-1 series

H1F35-1 / H1F45-1 / H1F60-1 / H1F80-1




Automatically controlled the bottom dead center position and load by servo drive!

H1F-1moldability function

Komatsu’s unique feedback control system provides highly accurate control of the slide position by linear scale.

The “auto BDC correction” and “auto load correction” measure the change of the slide and automatically control the slide to keep the value constant.

This realizes high-precision processing that is difficult to achieve with conventional mechanical presses.

auto BDC correction


Link press
multi purpose

Ideal for punching thin plates.

The combination of a link mechanism proven in forging presses and AC servo control provides both high productivity and high precision machining with slow touch.

The auto BDC correction stabilizes the machining conditions, reducing the defect rate and adjustment time.
Free motion can be set to further reduce the speed only at the required position.


H1F-1 features



From Yamada Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

From Iidzka Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

From Yamada Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Some products are discharged, not to get bruised, receiving on a tray stretched out from rear side during one revolution of the press. We ever wanted to increase production by respectively controlling forming and discharging speed using a servo press, rotation speed of which is adjustable. We also expect to reduce “burrs,” which especially often arises with thin film series, by blanking slowly at bottom dead center.

From Iidzka Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Servo presses are of multiple purposes. We are using them for forming the same products as with forging presses. The servo presses work in various manners as if die technology were unnecessary. And by making blanking operation and slide knockout slow, sound level can be reduced, which is efficient for noise control to secure better work environment.

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