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H1F-2 series

H1F110-2 / H1F150-2 / H1F200-2



multi purpose

Rotation and pendulum motion
slide stroke lengh
Increased 20-33% (compared to conventional servo press)

Industry’s top class stroke length and high speed pendulum motion are in one machine!

Ideal for progressive, transfer or manual die operations.

Rotation Motion & Pendulum Motion will optimize your production.


assist function

H1F adjust slide position automatically!

moldability function

Die height and load are controlled at a constant level with Komatsu’s own technology by Linear scale and Strain gauge. High-precision forming is realized with full closed feedback control.
auto BDC
Auto BDC(Bottom Dead Center) Correction
auto Load
Auto Load Correction
reverse motion
Reverse Motion

Actual data is displayed on the controller at the production site!
Helps prevent defective product and shorten mold adjustment time.


Simpler motion setting

“Optimizing Motion System” resolve you from troublesome motion setting.

3 easy steps, finish in 1 min. The die touch position will be detected automatically. No more wasting time to set slide motion for each product.


Low/Peak Power Current Suppressive Capacitor (option)

The capacity of the power supply has been reduced 50%(when capacitor is mounted)

Now, it’s equivalent to mechanical press (compared to our company’s products).
Easy replacement from Komatsu mechanical press without any capacity expansion works.

all features





Drawing of SUS or Processing resistant material


Fewer Shock Marks & Cracking, Higher Formability

Link Motion(Rotation)


Minor Diameter Piercing


Less Vibration, Longer Die Life and Higher Productivity

Link Motion(Pendulum)


Precision Blanking for a Gear or a Profile


Less Processing Heat, Longer Die Life and Higher Productivity

Link Motion(Pendulum)


Precision Bending


Higher precision of BDC, Higher Accuracy of Products

“Auto BDC Correction”

Accuracy of Correction is ±10μm

Link Motion(Pendulum)


Sheet Forging and High Load Forming


“Auto Load Compensation”

Stabilize Forming Load

Link Motion(Pendulum)

From Mie Kondo Co., Ltd. 

We had been doing crushing forming of a small portion on pipe using a 300 ton forging press, since conventional mechanical press produced wide accuracy variations. We tried it using a H1F-2 machine, and now we can have stable and high precision forming done. We also used the H1F-2 machine for crushing forming on 62 mm diameter cupper alloy bar. Flatness of the crushed area is very important with the product, which is hard with other presses. Stable and high precision forming has become feasible with H1F-2 by controlling movement at bottom dead center.

From Y Company

We were to manufacture a product that requires severe accuracy with burring and would surely be out of tolerance unless it is formed using a press that is excellent in bottom dead center accuracy and in repeatability. We may be able to improve fraction defective to a degree of one digit lower (with H1F-2) than with mechanical presses. One of the features of H1F-2 is that the points when the maximum load is loaded and the load is released are graphically displayed and visually checked, which makes us easier to figure out points to accelerate and decelerate.

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