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H2W series

  H2W-200 / H2W-300



multi purpose

H2W motion

H2W can produce a wide range of products at optimized speed by controlling servo motor!

The combination of Industry’s top class stroke length and high speed pendulum motion provides best motions with high moldability, high productivity and high accuracy for each product.


Dual independent servo drive keeps slide parallelism automatically.

H2W moldability function

Die height and load are controlled at a constant level with Komatsu’s own technology by Linear scale and Strain gauge.
It can reduce the frequency of inspection of die height.

H2W auto BDC correction
Auto BDC(Bottom Dead Center) Correction
H2W auto load correction
Auto Load Correction

Actual data is displayed on the controller at the production site!
Helps prevent defective product and shorten mold adjustment time.


H2W work energy curve

Enough work energy for deep drawing.

It is capable of producing high energy regardless of the production speed.

The work energy does not decrease even if SPM is slowed down for improving formability. Deep-drawn products that could not be formed with conventional mechanical presses can be formed with H2W.




From Matsushita Kinzoku Kougyo

From Morio Press Industries, Ltd.

We were interested in the control with dual independent servo motors on the Komatsu’s original two point press. Stroke of previous 150ton press by other maker was 130 mm and had a limit in formable products. The standard stroke of of our new H2W200 (S specification) is 250 mm. And knowing that short stroke forming is possible without reducing SPM utilizing the pendulum motion, we will use it as a more versatile machine.


We have greatly reduced number of work stages with “press forming” using a servo press in manufacturing such products as many machine works were required and as were ever produced with forging.
We have been using Komatsu servo presses for five years and have never had a problem of product quality. We are now highly appreciated by clients.

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