Komatsu Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

KFL series

TLX-820 / TLX-1045 / TLX-10100 / TLX-1445 / TLX-14100

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Equipped with own oscillator


The worldly highest level of cutting performance.

Low electricity consumption with the high efficiency oscillator developed in-house

Special gas equipment as standard

Lower cost with high purity, high pressure nitrogen gas generation:

Generating nitrogen gas of high purity and high pressure is possible using the nitrogen gas separator circuit that maintains high purity.


Meeting requirements of class I laser

Securing high degree of safety:

Full cover body and sight glass for 1 μm laser. are equipped as standard. Covering entire body prevents scattering of reflected light and spatters.


Yamanaka Engineering Company, Shiga Pref. say:

We are producing mainly sheet metal parts for large machine tool manufacturers. To cope with order increase, we have introduced a fiber laser cutting machine in addition to a conventional laser machine. Non-oxidation cutting with special gas simplifies subsequent welding, and further more prevents paint from peeling off.