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L1B series

L1B300-L / L1B500-L

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High rigidity block frame

Adopting high rigidity block frame to withstand the harsh punching, it with stand shard works.

Link Mechanism

Slide speed near the BDC slower by 30-40% compared with the crank motion, which reduces noise and vibration during blanking. Impact force to the mold will be reduced by about 40%.

Low Noise and Low Vibration

Slide head kept of minimum deflection and high rigidity frame. We have completed a quiet press machine for thick plank blanking combining the features of the link motion.

From Nomura Unison Co., Ltd.

We requested them many items before introducing the machine, and discussed very often with their design engineers. As a result, our hollow forging system could splendidly merge with Komatsu’s press machine to complete the new hot hollow forging system using the link motion for the first in this industry.
Their salespersons also positively transmitted our requests to their design engineers. Their challenging stance in cooperating with us is the utmost reason why we chose Komatsu.


Machining example

From Nomura Unison Co., Ltd.