Komatsu Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

L1C series

L1C250 / L1C400 / L1C630 / L1C800 / L1C1000


Cold forging presses.
Solid loop frame and Komatsu’s unique motion realize high productivity and high precision processing.



L1C maypress link motion

“MAY PRESS” link motion

Komatsu’s unique MIPRESS Link Motion, which is ideal for forging, has a much slower touch speed and smooth plastic flow to achieve stable, high-precision processing.

Suitable for transfer processing

Large allowable eccentric load and triple BKO with wide feed pitch enables wide transfer processing.

high rigidity

L1C solid loop frame

Solid loop frame of one-piece-thick-plate

Newly developed high-rigidity solid-loop frame reduces stress by more than 50% at full load, significantly increasing machine life.
Durability over the next generation.


Layout for easy maintenance

Lubricant flow meter is equipped to prevent drive unit from running out of lubrication. You can inspect it from the floor.

L1C is easy to service and maintain, with all routine inspection points integrated.


From Ogura Clutch Co., Ltd.


We previously produced parts for air bags first by striking with a parts former and then by machining.
Since we are originally a good former producer, we switched to finish using L1C in different material, which reduced manufacturing costs. The machining line of 24 NC lathes has become unnecessary.

From Ogura Clutch Co., Ltd.

We introduced L1C for developing near-net-shape and other new manufacturing technologies.
We set up a tandem line with a transfer machine to newly develop a system for finishing forged rotor materials within the company. Eventually the line has been arranged to form both rings and thick plate.

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