Komatsu Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

L2C series

L2C250 / L2C630 / L2C800 / L2C1250

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High precision guide to achieve wide two point structure and high dynamic accuracy

High allowable eccentric load is available with the high accuracy eight face gib structure and the two point structure of wide dimension to achieve high accuracy forming and to greatly expand net-shape forming area.

Best fit to precision cold forging, precision thick plate forging and net-shape forming

Komatsu’s original MAY PRESS motion, with which smooth plastic flow is available due to the long stroke and remarkably slow die touching speed, is employed.
It stably forms accurate products to greatly expand applicable range for high precision net-shape forming.

High rigidity solid loop frame of one-thick-plate

With the structure of high rigidity straight side frame of one-thick-plate and with the structure of bed and slide that have excellent characteristics against concentrated load, high accuracy forming has been achieved creating smooth load transmission and minimizing elongation.

High rigidity multi-process BKO

The high-rigidity 5-train BKO ensures proper and smooth knock-out and transfer of heavy and complex shaped products resulting in a major improvement in transfer productivity. Extremely high-rigidity due to the (L-R) cams and rods positioned on both sides and the rugged beam pin drive.

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