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L2G / E2G series

L2G200, E2G200 / L2G300, E2G300 / L2G400, E2G400 / L2G500, E2G500


General-purpose presses for a wide range of processing, including tandem lines and light-load progressive lines.


high precision

L2G full tie-rod

Full tie-rod structure

The full tie-rod structure and symmetrical frames suppress the occurrence of mouth opening, making it suitable for a wide range of processing.

In addition, by increasing the rigidity of the slide drive unit and widening between points, the slide tilt is reduced and the performance against eccentric load is greatly improved.

Long guide mechanism

Eight-sided gibs support eccentric loads. The plunger guide absorbs the thrust force.

L2G lock system

Automatic slide adjustment lock system

The hydraulic automatic slide adjustment lock system minimizes overall clearance and die height change to achieve high bottom dead center accuracy.


Modular type drive mechanism

Due to the modular structure, both link motion and crank motion specifications can be selected with same specifications.

Hydraulic clutch brake

Unlike the compressed air type, there is almost no compressibility, so it has excellent emergency stop performance.

In addition, the distance from the safety device to the mold can be shortened, reducing the burden on the operator and improving productivity.

Since the linings are less worn, it’s also advantageous in terms of running costs.

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