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L2M/E2M series

L2M200, E2M200 / L2M300, E2M300 / L2M400, E2M400 / L2M500, E2M500

Mechanical press for progressive stamping with high rigidity and accuracy.


high rigidity

L2M Cast steel frame

Cast steel frame

Noise and vibration on blanking have been significantly reduced with using the cast steel frame.

In addition it, “Full tie rod structure” and “front-rear left-right symmetrical frame” realize high accuracy forming and reduce deformation of flame.

high precision

L2M drive

Extremely rigid drive, extends die life.

1. Dynamic balancer (Suspension)
Dynamic balancer is equipped at an ideal location, which minimizes slide deformation by moving counter to the slide.

2.Drive-unit and Guide
High rigidity eccentric shaft minimizes the clearances of drive unit. Plunger guide and 8-face gibs maintain parallelism and horizontal accuracy of slide for extends die life.

3. Hydraulic adjust lock system
Hydraulic adjust lock system maintains zero clearance, which guarantees highest accuracy.

Heat balance circulate lubrication

In order to minimize die-height-deviation, heated lubrication oil is circulated through the column to stabilize extension of frame and drive unit.

L2M Heat balance circulate lubrication




(From Mifune Corporation)


(From USC Corporation)

From Mifune Corporation

We introduced Komatsu L2M300 of proudly high 100 SPM rotation, hoping we are to be more competitive. We really understand that the machine is not only highly productivity but also excellent in product accuracy. It is also superb in countermeasure against vibration and noise: Both vibration and noise were remarkably lower on Komatsu L2M with a die we had been using on other press.


From USC Corporation

We introduced L2M hoping to get orders widely for automotive parts and others in addition to those for office equipment. With the link motion, we expect we can more flexibly cope with high tensile steel also.

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