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L2T series

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Capable of forming high tensile steel

Haven’t you ever had problems like these?
• Forming accuracy varies.
• Punches are worn quickly.
• Noise and vibration are large.

For forming high tensile strength steel sheets, you have to have many re-striking stages and cannot maintain accuracy with a low rigidity press.
E2T and L2T can be used for forming high tensile steel with their rigid structure.

Competent in extending die life

Haven’t you ever had problems like these?
• Punches brake very quickly.
• Punches are worn very quickly.
• Dies get galling.

Inclination of slide by eccentric load is minimal with E2T and L2T by employing high rigidity eccentric shaft structure. Reduced slide inclination is effective to longer die life.

Employing “high precision drive mechanism,” production is performed in more stable accuracy.

Haven’t you ever had problems like these?
• No blanking accuracy is gained.
• Blanked holes are slanted.
• Bent angles are uneven.

Reason of unstable accuracy is that the slide doesn’t move straight.
Komatsu have straightly coped with this proposition.

Highly reliable “AC servo transfer feeder”

Haven’t you ever had problems like these?
• Difficult to set
• Frequent misfeeding
• Frequent faults

Komatsu Industries’ own transfer equipment shall help you greatly improve productivity.

• Linear transfer feeder
• Transfer feeder TMF


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