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OBS series

OBS35 / OBS45 / OBS60 / OBS80 / OBS110 / OBS150 / OBS200


Even easier and safer, the best-selling 1-point press model

Abundant lineup from 35 tons to 200 tons.


high rigidity

High Rigidity Frame

Long-lasting high precision processing is realized by high rigidity frame.
It suppresses deformation of frame, and reduce noise and vibration as well.

high precision


High accuracy guide mechanism
(6-point gibs, plunger guide)

The power shaft has a high-quality eccentric shaft with high torsional rigidity.

Thrust load from eccentric motion is absorbed by the plunger guide.

Besides, in combination with the long 6-point gibs keep accuracy for long time.
Die life is also greatly extended.



SIT4 Controller pic
SIT4 Controller

Improved operability and safety

8.4inch TFT LCD monitor is equipped to operate OBS safety, surely and smoothly.

OBS Safety

Realizes the world’s highest level of safety.
Prevents accidental start-up and intrusion into the press.

OBS features

OBS35 / OBS45 / OBS60 :

OBS80 / OBS110 / OBS150 / OBS200 :

examples  From Mitsuba Industry Co., Ltd.

From Mitsuba Industry Co., Ltd.

First of all, we would say Komatsu presses are easy to handle. Specifications of OBS are enough to form our products. Cost performance of it satisfies us. We are also very grateful for their smooth services in maintenance, improvement and repair.

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