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PAS series

PAS5012-3 / PAS5020-3


Press brake recommended for precision machining.
Driven by AC servo motor and ball screw.



High-torque servo motor and ball screw drive

The high-torque servo motor and ball screw drive have very little effect on heat generation, even in continuous operation, and provide stable repeatability.

And high-torque motor also realized short cycle operation.
Energy efficiency is improved by directly driven ball screw when compared to conventional hydraulic machines.

Since no hydraulic equipment is used at all, maintenance (hydraulic oil replacement) is not needed.

various options

Die change time reduced by 80% (when using I-clamp)

 – Various options to further increase productivity.

“I-clamp” reduces die change time

Conventional (bolt tightening) approx. 10 min. → I-clamp approx. 2 min.

PVS bending-eye-1
bending eye variation of angle

“Bending eye” reduces the bending correction time

Laser bending angle sensor that  increase productivity and ensures stable processing at the targeted angle.

PBZ tablet 1

Tablet simulator improves operability

The tablet simulator has built-in bending CAM. Bending data can be created and modified on site or offline.


PVS controller-1
PVS controller-2

Easy-to-use New control panel

A large 15-inch touch panel has been adopted to greatly improve visibility and operability.
The simple and consistent screen design makes the operation screen easy to see, understand, and operate.



From Suzuki Packaging Co., Ltd.


Suzuki Packaging Co., Ltd. bought and run PAS 5020 NET in March 2016. Since the operation screen looks very simple and easy to use, it is possible to check the bending completion status on the simulation screen. So it is easy to check the deep bending interference with eliminating trial bending. With the optional one-touch clamper, mold exchange can be done quickly, and setup time has been improved. Since the servo direct operation, the cycle operation time is very short, and the processing accuracy also can be get properly, so the productivity has been improved and highly evaluated.

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