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PBZ series

PBZ1252-2 / PBZ1253-2 / PBZ1753-2 / PBZ2253-2 / PBZ2254-2


Hydraulic cylinders controlled by inverter motor.
PBZ realized good reaction, energy save and stabled ram control.



PBZ servo valve

Reduce running costs

The inverter motor eliminates unnecessary pump rotation and greatly reduces power consumption. The amount of hydraulic oil is also reduced.

By mounting the servo valve directly to the cylinder, hydraulic elasticity is reduced, bottom dead center accuracy is stabilized, and responsiveness is improved.

high precision

Stable repeatability provided by Inverter control

The inverter motor optimizes the pump speed to achieve stable depth repeatability.
Linear scale minimizes the distortion of side frame opening and enables accurate ram positioning.
NC-controlled angle controller (standard for NET specifications) also improves accuracy.

PBZ inverter control

3various options

Die change time reduced by 80% (when using I-clamp)

 – Various options to further increase productivity.

“I-clamp” reduces die change time

Conventional (bolt tightening) approx. 10 min. → I-clamp approx. 2 min.

PVS bending-eye-1
bending eye variation of angle

“Bending eye” reduces the bending correction time

Laser bending angle sensor that  increase productivity and ensures stable processing at the targeted angle.

PBZ tablet 1

Tablet simulator improves operability

The tablet simulator has built-in bending CAM. Bending data can be created and modified on site or offline.


PVS controller-1
PVS controller-2

Easy-to-use New control panel

A large 15-inch touch panel has been adopted to greatly improve visibility and operability.
The simple and consistent screen design makes the operation screen easy to see, understand, and operate.



From Sankyo Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Sankyo Manufacturing Co., Ltd. manufactures a wide variety of products such as conveyance equipment, plant equipment, semiconductor equipment, food machinery, etc. from cutting to bending, welding and assembling. PBZ 1753 NET with 2-axis bending eye was delivered in May 2016 for bending of long stainless steel material.

Before using PBZ, it pressed many times with the old 3 m brake and hit with a hammer to obtain bending accuracy. But using PBZ’s bending eye makes the bending of long stainless steel accurate without any trial. It is highly evaluated that the time taken for the bending process has dramatically reduced.

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