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PVS series

PVS8525-2 / PVS1353-2 / PVS2253-2 / PVS2254-2


High accuracy, High speed ram motion.
Hydraulic Press Break with 2 servo motors.



PVS productivity
PVS change over time
PVS 1 cycle time

Achieves high speed and high accuracy with servo motor control

Servo motor and hydraulic system realized high-speed ram movement and highly accurate machining.
Conventional hydraulic machines do not stabilize the bending angle because the oil temperature rises with operating time, but PVS achieves high repeatability by controlling the hydraulic cylinder with servo motors.

various options

Die change time reduced by 80% (when using I-clamp)

 – Various options to further increase productivity.

“I-clamp” reduces die change time

Conventional (bolt tightening) approx. 10 min. → I-clamp approx. 2 min.

PVS bending-eye-1
bending eye variation of angle

“Bending eye” reduces the bending correction time

Laser bending angle sensor that  increase productivity and ensures stable processing at the targeted angle.

“Bending support” for labor-saving processing of large workpieces

Assists in the bending of large and heavy workpieces, greatly reducing set-up and work time.


PVS controller-1
PVS controller-2

Easy-to-use New control panel

A large 15-inch touch panel has been adopted to greatly improve visibility and operability.
The simple and consistent screen design makes the operation screen easy to see, understand, and operate.

Main Specifications

NC Specifications



From Shimizu Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Shimizu Kogyo Co., Ltd. installed PVS 8525 NET in September 2013. The following evaluations have been obtained from the operator.

(1) PVS 8525 was used by experienced workers after its installation, but because it is better operatability and easy to use, now we are leaving the operation to inexperienced operators.
(2)Since the oblique butting can be done with the 6 axis tilt mechanism, the range of the processing contents has expanded.
(3)Eye clamp makes the mold replacement easier, so the setup has been improved.

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