Komatsu Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

SHS series


Hydraulic shears for maximum ease of use and precision, SHS.



SHS swing locus

Swing locus of the shear

Swing cutting system is used to assure a straight cut-edge on the sheared material.

Blade clearance can be easily adjusted according to plate thickness to assure clean and exact cutting.

The low-impact hydraulic driving system offers a minimum of operating noise and extends blade life.

Return spring

The beam of SHS returns by the return springs instantly after the material has been cut. It increases working speed.

SHS return spring


SHS control panel

Easy-to-operate front centralized control panel

Easy-to-operate using an LED display for backgauge position, blade clearance and process number.

With NC control for the backgauge adjustment, 9-process positions are readily available.

Adjusting the blade clearance distance automatically compensates adjustment of backgauge position.

Simple blade clearance adjustment

The blade gap is indicated by an LED display on the front control panel and the correct amount can be adjusted by turning the handle while watching the display.


From Nishimura Industry Co., Ltd.

Nishimura Industry Co., Ltd. bought and run SHS 6 × 310 in June 2016. Right angle in cutting quality comes out properly, highly evaluated as being very easy to use. Moreover, since the machine is structured so that it is not easily broken, it is appealing that you can use it without worry of trouble with confidence. It can be cut faster than the laser and accuracy is also satisfactory, so customer is very satisfied that it was good to have bought it.

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