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TFP series

TFP3051 / TFP3051 High Body / TFP1548 / TFP1551


Lower cutting costs. World’s first cartridge type consumables.
Komatsu “TWISTER” cutting machine, TFP.


economic efficiency

TFP new torch

New torch installed

Equipped with a new type of torch with cartridge type consumables.
This eliminates the need to assemble consumables and improves cutting quality by increasing the accuracy of the torch tip.

Longer-lasting consumables

Twice the lifespan of conventional model (initial model).
The unit price is also reduced by using cartridges.


TFP consumable life counts


“Twister” gas flow

The inclination of the cutting surface, which was a drawback of conventional plasma, has been adjusted.

TFP has achieved almost zero bevel angle (less than 1.5 degree) on the product side.

Main gas flow control

The TFP uses four different cutting conditions (perimeter, large hole, medium hole, and small hole).

Good cutting quality can be automatically achieved even for the same plate thickness and material.

Push-pull dust collection

The push-pull dust collection system prevents dust and fumes from flying up. It maintains a good working environment.

Cutting table is divided into sections, and damper works only in the section where cutting process is in progress to ensure proper dust collection.

Marking function

The TFP can perform marking and punching by switching the plasma gas to argon (standard equipment).

Marking can be used for positioning and bending lines for welding, and punching can be used for positioning for drilling, contributing to rationalization in the can manufacturing industry.

TFP marking function

3various options

TFP quick change torch

Quick change torch

By attaching a gas cutting tip to the twister torch in a one-touch operation, it is possible to cut from thin to thick plates with one machine. TFP can cut up to 50 mm.

60kW output power-up kit

Another 30kW can be added to the 30kW power supply as an option.
Capable of cutting up to MAX 36mm at 60kW output (In case of SS400).

TFP power-up kit

Main Specifications

NC Specifications

From Toushin Industrial Co., Ltd.


Toshin Kougyo bought Komatsu Plasma TP3051-23.
This customer has run Komatsu Plasma KPD1251(1996),TFP3051-21(2001) and the other brand also.
The nozzle life lasts 2 days in the cutting of the mild steel in the range between 6 mm and 12 mm thickness.
This nozzle life is 2 times compared with conventional.
The consumable price became lower and the cutting cost became dramaticaly lower.
One oxygen gas cylinder lasts 2 days and one nitrogen cylinder lasts 10 days in consumption.Cutting quality is excelent. They think that they should have bought eariler.

From Sato Iron Works Co., Ltd.

Sato Iron Works bought TFP3051 with new type of torch in January.
The painted steel and the steel provided from the ship-builder are mainly cut.
Those plate thickness is between 6 mm and 12 mm.
TFP3051 makes productivity 2 times compared with KPD0951 that was replaced.
Especially the customer evaluates that the scrap processing function is very usefull Also the customers who visited Sato Iron Works are surprised at the good working environment that no fume comes out of plasma machine.

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