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TFPL series

TFPL10-6 / TFPL08-6


Speedy, low cost, easy, accurate.
The Next Stage “TWISTER” plasma cutting machine, TFPL.



Max. cutting thickness: 50mm

New high power nozzle realizes fast and precise cutting conditions in all thickness ranges.

TFPL prod sample
Nozzle: ø3.2 (500 A), material: SS400, Cutting speed: F900 mm/min
TFPL frame
TFPL frame 2

Optimally balanced structure

Lightweight and highly rigid cantilevered frame improves cutting accuracy and stability.

The motor is located at the center of the frame to ensure long-lasting high-precision cutting.

economic efficiency

TFP new torch

New torch installed

Equipped with a new type of torch with cartridge type consumables.
This eliminates the need to assemble consumables and improves cutting quality by increasing the accuracy of the torch tip.


TFPL controller

15inch Large touch panel controller

The new design is easy to see, operate and understand. Enabling intuitive operation like a smartphone.

4various options

TFP quick change torch

Quick change torch

By attaching a gas cutting tip to the twister torch in a one-touch operation, it is possible to cut from thin to thick plates with one machine. TFPL can cut up to 100 mm.

Ink jet marking

Frees you from handwritten work. No more mistakes and saves manpower.

TFPL laser marking
TFPL laser marking 2

Main Specifications

TFPL spec list


NC Specifications

TFPL spec list2



Material: SS400, Thickness: 22mm

Material: SS400, Thickness: 19mm

Material: SS400, Thickness: 32mm

Material: SS400, Thickness: 50mm

From Takebe Industries

In March 2016 Takebe Industries of medium to thick plate processing industry bought to run the TFPL1084 water table specification. Compared with the previous dry type, the water table specification eliminates the installation space of the dust collector and reduces the electricity bill and the filter exchange fee. In addition, the stress on environmental aspects such as filter replacement work has been reduced, and highly appreciated about the water table. The advantage of updating to Twister is that it is possible to cut with confidence without care of magnetic blowing, when cutting special materials such as high tension steel plates. The range of work has expanded. In addition, we received high reputation that the edge quality of the cutting surfaces are higher compared with existing machines and customers’ productivity became high.

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