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TLM series

TLM-408 / TLM-610 / TLM-614


5-Axis 3-Dimensional Co2 Laser cutting machine for thin to medium-thickness parts.
Ideal for prototyping and small-lot mass production.



TLM single point steering head

Single-point steering head

The cutting point (or teaching point) is continually kept at the same position regardless of the position of the C and A-axis. It makes teaching and cutting easy, and dramatically speed up.

Processable cutting range is equivalent to the X, Y and Z strokes whatever workpiece is in any shape. Single-point steering head is most effective in cutting that requires a lot of motion on the posture axes.

On-line gap sensor (non-contact type)

This is a capacitance-type sensor that measures the gap between the panel and nozzle with high-speed follow-up.

It gives unrivalled follow-up performance when moving curves with a small radius. Three-layered nozzle ensures that the side walls of the panel do not affect the sensor.

TLM gap sensor


TLM teaching box

Touch panel type teaching box

Touch panel is adopted in teaching BOX.
Functions, such as checking programs, are centralized in one place.

Joy-stick lever

The joy-stick lever, equipped above the cutting head, improves operating convenience. 

TLM joy stick

Main Specifications

NC Specifications

Oscillator Specifications


Aluminum t4

Pipe t5, 45° junction

Inconel t5

From R. T. Corporation

We were anxious about troubles in the beginning after installation. But we could start right away because operability of this machine is excellent compared with that of previous one. With this machine, we set works during lunch time or after work, and do daily business operating unattended.

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