Komatsu Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

TLV series

TLV-408 / TLM-510


Wide range of processing from thin to thick plates.
Two-dimensional CO2 laser cutting machine, TLV.



TVL System integration

Integrated structure

The mirrors between the oscillator and nozzle are composed of three mirrors. This maximizes the capability of oscillator and allows more room for processing conditions.

In addition, the simple design makes it easy for customers to adjust the optical axis.

Retry and skip function

When a machining error is detected, retry operation is repeated up to three times.

If retrying is not possible, the system skips to the next product and continues machining.

TVL retrial skip function



High workability

The open table structure minimizes the distance between the work position and the processing table.
It is easy to reach the entire area, even for 5 x 10 size workpieces, and it is easy to set up from multiple directions or with a forklift.

The workpiece lifter with ball bearings is built into the bottom of the table.

Quick Change Holder

The quick-change lens holder reduces the time required for lens replacement, thus reducing the number of setup operations.

TVL lens holder

Main Specifications

NC Specifications

Oscillator Specifications


Stainless Steel t5

Mild steel  t19

From  Company S

Company S is a equipment manufacturer that cuts out steel materials, and TLV-510K40F was delivered to run in September in 2015. They handle everything from thin to thick plate, This fully utilize the breadth and stability of the processing condition table which is the feature of the TLV series. The slidable work clamp can also accommodate small materials, and it has been highly evaluated for its convenience. In addition, compact and accessible processing machines are popular because they are easy to handle even for women.

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