TLX series

TLX-820 / TLX-1045 / TLX-10100 / TLX-1445 / TLX-14100

Catalog DL button

Sub-panel (equipped with a compact touch panel)

A compact touch panel is provided to the sub-operation panel that moves together with the cutting head. Registration or confirmation is possible without returning to the operation deck when performing setup or maintenance work. Registering work positions or viewing the machines status display.

Quick change type lens holder

This is equipped with a quick change lens holder for shorter replacement time to reduce preparation man-hours.

Retrial skip function

Adopting the retrial skip function, when the machine detects wrong processing, it retries (re-process) for three times, but continues processing the next product skipping the fourth retrial.

From O company


O company has two units of TLXs. The first one was delivered in December 2008 as an alternative to shearing machine. Although I dared to remove three existing shearing machines, TLX has done processing amount of 3 or more shearing machines. With the success of the first one, the work of laser processing has increased, and the second was delivered in March 2014. The second machine have an 4 kW oscillator to further speed up and process the medium thickness material. It is useful enough not to stop working day and night. There are two points that customer likes TLX. One is that the accuracy of the medium thickness plate is more stable than any manufacturer. The other is that there is little memory of the production stop due to the machine failure so far. TLX is a wonderful laser processing machine that can really trust and secure.

Machining example


                       Stainless Steel t20                                                                     Mild steel (19mm)