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GT3300 series

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3 axis independent, synchronized, hydraulic servo controlled press head

More suitable for 3 axis independent hydraulic servo controlled mechanism, it’s dug, by a motion, punch processing. This mechanism can be processed without changing passline for complicated forming processes.

300 set tool can be storage magazine and all auto index type press head adopted.


Thanks to 300 set tool storage magazine and All auto index function by single head mechanism, almost tool changing processes are not needed. Tool administrative function prevent machine or tool brake by tool set mistake, and bad product made.

Micro joint separator system and Takeout separator system etc, many automation system has been prepared.


A concept of the Gatling press center is 24 hour unmanned operation. We are ready to provide with various types of the sheet supply system and the product collection system: from the standard type of stacking sheets as they are, to the system that can classify assembled products.

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